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"That's the worst of girls," said Edmund to Peter and the Dwarf. "They never can carry a map in their heads."

--CS Lewis, Prince Caspian

Absolute Direction is a mental, physical, and mundane advantage, described in Basic Set, p. 34. It has two named levels, Absolute Direction and 3D Spatial Sense. It has the optional limitation Requires Signal. This advantage is also referenced in GURPS Fantasy, p. 128, on its use underground; GURPS Magic, p. 135, in the description of the Disorient spell; and GURPS Space, p. 219, on its applicability in hyperspace.

Character TemplatesEdit

Absolute Direction or 3D Spatial Sense appears in the following character templates:

  • Astronaut, in Space, p. 226
  • Colonist, in Space, p. 227
  • Explorer, in Space, p. 230

Racial TemplatesEdit

Minotaurs have Absolute Direction per Dungeon Fantasy 3, p. 14.

Kromm QuotesEdit

Sean Punch has commented on Absolute Direction in the following posts on the SJG GURPS Forums:

  • On identifying Absolute Direction versus 3D Spatial Sense by name [1]
  • On whether 3D Spatial Sense is realistic for humans [2]
  • On its inclusion in the Minotaur template [3]

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