Cost: Variable

Addiction is a mundane mental/physical disadvantage. The value this disadvantage depends on the cost, effects, and legality of the substance/drug

Per Day CostEdit

  • Cheap (0.1% starting wealth): -5 points
  • Expensive (up to 0.5% starting wealth): -10 points.
  • Very expensive (> 0.5% starting wealth): -20 points.


  • Incapacitating or hallucinogenic: -10 points.
  • Highly addictive (-5 on withdrawal roll): -5 points.
  • Totally addictive (-10 on withdrawal roll): -10 points.

A legal substance is +5 points.


It is referenced in Fantasy, p. 132, on nympholepsy; Magic, p. 92, in the description of the Relieve Addiction spell; Space, p. 220, on addiction to virtual reality, psionic contact, or direct pleasure stimulation; and Thaumatology, p. 63, on addiction to magic, and p. 94, on addiction to spiritual energies.

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