In GURPS an Advantage is a trait which provides access to a power or ability. Advantages often do not have a Success Roll associated with them though some do—such as Warp. Advantages cost Character Points, and a single point cost advantage is called a perk.

Most advantages cost roughly between 10 and 20 points. Though some particularly useful advantages such as Unkillable or Supernatural Durability cost over 100 points.

The precise cost of an advantage can be manipulated by using Enhancements and Limitations.

Some advantages are leveled, such as Damage Reduction and Night Vision.

The different types of Advantages are as follows: Mental, Physical, Social, Exotic, Supernatural, and Mundane.

The mundane advantages are some that people in the real world might have such as Double-jointed or Photographic memory. Categorized as 'exotic' or 'supernatural', these advantages would be unusual in the real world. Exotic traits might exist in reality, for example the Affliction advantage might be used to represent the poisonous bite of a natural animal. Supernatural advantages are not realistic, such as Precognition or Supernatural Durability, these would only exist in supernatural or cinematic settings.

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