Affliction is a physical, exotic advantage described in Basic Set, p. 35-36, and referenced in GURPS Powers™, pp. 9, 17, 21, 31, 39-41, 118, and 169. Affliction is subject to a wide range of enhancements and limitations and is often used to build superpowers or other unnatural effects, and is the base advantage used to build 'buff' style powers that benefit your allies.

Kromm QuotesEdit

Sean Punch has commented on Affliction in the following posts to the SJG GURPS Forums:

  • On HT rolls for beneficial Afflictions [1], [2], [3]
  • On Afflictions causing multiple effects [4]
  • On getting Affliction past armor [5]
  • On affecting inanimate objects [6]
  • On combat techniques not causing Afflictions unless so noted [7]
  • On Affliction affecting defenses and reaction rolls if it causes an attribute penalty [8]
  • On SM penalties and cutoffs [9]
  • On the Choking Affliction versus the Choke spell [10]
  • On designing spells with Affliction-like effects [11]
  • On his ambivalence about the cost structure [12]
  • On two possible ways to change the cost [13]

Racial Templates Edit

Affliction appears on the follow racial templates

  • Djinn Ascended Ones in Banestorm p. 189
  • Medusas in Banestorm p. 195
  • Lilith in Fantasy p. 54
  • Imp in Fantasy p. 109
  • Larva in Fantasy p. 213
  • Skunk lens of Wolverine in Dungeon Fantasy 5 - Allies p. 11
  • Shoulder Dragon in Dungeon Fantasy 5 - Allies p. 28

Bestaries Edit

Affliction appears in the following bestiary entries

  • Giant Spiders in Banestorm p. 221
  • Wyverns in Banestorm p. 226
  • Miser Troll in Creatures of the Night Vol. 2 p. 5
  • Urimander in Creatures of the Night Vol. 2 p. 17
  • Chronochaotic Spider in Creatures of the Night Vol. 3 p. 4
  • Flutter Devil in Creatures of the Night Vol. 4 p. 9
  • Trantid in Creatures of the Night Vol. 4 p. 11
  • Watchtower Spirit in Creatures of the Night Vol. 19
  • Herecine in Fantasy p. 47
  • Panther in Fantasy p. 49
  • Hellkittens in Banestorm - Abydos p. 58

See AlsoEdit

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