Engstrom, 1944
Current Affairs
World War II turns into Worlds at War when permanent portals are opened to other worlds.
Divergence Point
July 12, 1943: A permanent nexus portal is opened to eight other worlds in the Engstrom skerry.

Major Civilizations

varies by world in the skerry
Great Powers

varies by world in the skerry

Worldline Data
Tech Level varies by world in the skerry
Mana Level varies by world in the skerry
Quantum 4
Infinity Class Z4
Centrum Zone inaccessible

See GURPS World War II: Weird War II and GURPS Infinite Worlds: Lost Worlds for details about this worldline.

Other worlds in the Engstrom skerry are Reich-A (called "Asgard" locally, local year 1954, an echo of Reich-2), Vanaheim (where gods and heroes walk the earth), Jotunheim (local year 1949, where the Fourth Reich plans a comeback), Svartalfheim (which may be an echo of Leviathan), Alfheim (local year 1194, where the Daoine Sidhe rule Europe), Nidavellir (a hollow world controlled by the Agarthans), Muspellheim (local year 1945, where Japanese giant monsters and giant mecha serve as shock troops), and Niflheim (where the restless undead roam the world). Engstrom itself is locally known as Midgard.

The skerry as a whole is a Sargasso.

Note: While Engstrom calls itself "Midgard" is a totally different reality from the one Infinity calls "Midgard".