Named for the “home of the elves,” Alfheim is dominated by the Daoine Sidhe absolute monarchy in Central Europe who believe that only high elves are fit to rule, and only elves fit to live.

The city-states of men (CR2-4), across the sea in Antilia to the west, have armed and come to the aid of the dwarves and even of their enemies, the orcs – and joined the war against High King Aillil . The djinn in Araby and the devas of India lie between Aillil’s war in the west and the struggle between the rival Dragon Emperors of China and Japan in the east.

The Elves are pro-Axis while the races that fight them are pro-Allies


  • Part of the Nine Worlds
  • The gate exists in the stone circle of Newgrange, Ireland, a neutral site in both worlds.
  • Alfheim is normal mana, with some high mana zones in faerie capitals such as Aillil’s citadel in the Venusberg.
  • No actual technology past TL3 functions in Alfheim though concepts (like calculus or jazz music) and TL4+ physical characteristics do continue to function. It is unclear if technology that was in essence a combination of older technology (like the Printing Press which in essence combination of a TL2 wine press, TL3 metallurgy, TL3 Ink) would function.