Cost: 100 points/level

Altered Time Rate (sometimes nicknamed Accelerated Time Rate or Increased Time Rate) is a mental, exotic, advantage, described in Basic Set, pp. 38-39, and referenced in GURPS Martial Arts, p. 42, on its very cinematic nature and alternatives to it, and in GURPS Powers, pp. 41-42, on its suitability for speedsters and fast robots.

On p. 42, GURPS Powers also gives the new special Enhancement Super-Speed, and the new special Limitation Non-Combat Speed.


"you can convince your GM to let you use Abilities at Default (and substitute ATR for several levels of Enhanced Dodge). Yes, this will cost you some FP, but at high levels of ATR, the Dodge bonus will be really impressive."

Kromm QuotesEdit

Sean Punch has commented on Altered Time Rate in the following posts to the SJG GURPS Forums:

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PK quoteEdit

  • Altered Time Rate (Accessibility, Only to take All-Out Defense following your normal turn, -40%) [60]. Which, I'll note, is comparable to Defense Bonus 2 [60]. As a special effect, you would get the benefits of AOD even if someone interrupted your "normal" turn with a Wait -- but as a compensating drawback, you wouldn't get any benefit from this trait on a turn in which you made an All-Out Attack.

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