Altered Time Rate is a mental, exotic, advantage, described in Basic Set, pp. 38-39, and referenced in GURPS Martial Arts, p. 42, on its very cinematic nature and alternatives to it, and in GURPS Powers, pp. 41-42, on its suitability for speedsters and fast robots. On p. 42, GURPS Powers also gives the new special enhancement Super-Speed, and the new special limitation Non-Combat Speed.

Kromm QuotesEdit

Sean Punch has commented on Altered Time Rate in the following posts to the SJG GURPS Forums:

  • On its immense power [1]
  • On it being the only way to get extra maneuvers, apart from spell effects that emulate it [2]
  • On the importance of adhering to the trait description, not the name [3]
  • ATR is "body", ETS is "mind" [4]
  • On its use for actions, not reactions [5]
  • On game balance influencing what it allows a character to do [6]
  • On its effect on a character's next defense [7], [8]
  • On its usefulness for Perception rolls [9]
  • On why feints are disallowed [10]
  • On its necessity for a speedster character [11]
  • On it optionally affecting carried objects [12]

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