Attributes are the basic characteristics of a GURPS character.

Basic AttributesEdit

Defined page 14 of Basic Set: Characters and page 4 of GURPS Lite

Secondary AttributesEdit

Defined on the next few pages, along with information on Size Modifiers, Wealth, Tech Levels, and other basic statistics.

  • Hit Points [HP]: normally equivalent to ST (±2 points per ±1 HP)
  • Will: normally equivalent to IQ (±5 points ±1 Will)
  • Perception: normally equivalent to IQ (±5 points ±1 Perception)
  • Fatigue Points [FP]: normally equivalent to HT (±3 points ±1 FP).
  • Basic Speed: normally (HT+DX)/4 (±5 points per ±0.25 Speed)
  • Basic Move: normally Basic Speed less all fractions (±5 points per ±1 yard/second)

Meaning of attributesEdit

The below table assumes a human. For nonhumans, read each point above or below the human norm of 10 as a 10% deviation from the racial norm instead.

Attribute Score general meaning details
6 or less Crippling An attribute this bad severely constrains a lifestyle.
7 Poor Your limitations are immediately obvious to anyone who meets you. This is the lowest score you can have and still pass for “ablebodied.”
8 or 9 Below average Such scores are limiting, but within the human norm. The GM may forbid attributes below 8 to active adventurers.
10 Average Most humans get by just fine with a score of 10.
11 or 12 Above average These scores are superior, but within the human norm
13 or 14 Exceptional Such an attribute is immediately apparent – as bulging muscles, feline grace, witty dialog, or glowing health – to those who meet the person
15 or more Amazing An attribute this high draws constant comment and probably guides the person's career choices

FAQ: What do attribute levels of zero mean?

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