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The cover of GURPS Basic Set: Characters

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The cover of GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns

The GURPS Basic Set™ is composed of two books, GURPS Basic Set: Characters™ and GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns™. These two books define the fundamental rules of GURPS. Supplemental books (such as Martial Arts or High-Tech) provide additional, optional, rules.

GURPS Characters focuses on character creation, while GURPS Campaigns focuses on combat. Campaigns is also more from the GM's perspective, while Characters is more from the Player's.

The page numbering in the two books is consecutive, Characters ends at page 336 and campaigns begins at 338 (not counting the cover page which doesn't have a page number).

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This first printing of the Basic Set had a binding issue that was corrected in the 2nd and later printing. Steve Jackson Games sent replacement copies to those custumers that asked free of charge[1], and did not require the faulty copy to be returned. The printing number is clearly labeled on the back of the book.

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