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The cover of GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns, this is absent in preview which uses the 2nd page as cover

GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns™ covers contains pages 337 though 575 of the 4th Edition GURPS Basic Set, written by Steve Jackson, Sean Punch, and David Pulver in 2004. It covers rules for Success Rolls, Combat (including optional rules for advanced combat), injuries and recovery (including diseases and fatigue), Creating templates, statistics for Animals and Monsters, vehicles (a short list, and combat rules for vehicles), invention and gadgeteering, magic items,

Covers the Core rules for running in GURPS. Covering Success Rolls, Combat (both Combat Lite as well as Tactical Combat, even special combat situations), as well as the effects of combat (such as recovering from wounds).

The book also covers the creation of the different types of Templates along with: gear, Gamemastering Advice plus a short overview of the Infinite Worlds setting that show cases many of the GURPS rules.

Campaigns gives rules for a wide ranging variety of topics that can come up in game, from diseases to increasing the TL of a less advanced civilization.

Each section of the book has a color-coded border indicating where you are in the book.

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