Bite is a Depreciated advantage that has been replaced by Vampiric Bite.

Compendium 1 p50, GURPS Blood Types pg 58.

Kromm noteEdit

Sean "Dr. Kromm" Punch; Pyramid magazine 23, jan/feb 1997:

Bite is a combination of Sharp Teeth, a 5-point advantage (see p.CI67) that allows a creature's bite to do cutting damage, and Steal HT as an Innate Spell at level 21 (where it can be used in close combat), worth 24 points. This adds up to 29 points. We rounded the cost to 30 points because we felt that the fact that the Steal HT spell works 60 times faster than normal (the vampire gains 1 HT/sec instead of 1 HT/min) and the fact that the victim has to make a Fright Check more than balance out the requirement that the vampire has to take one extra second to grapple the victim first.

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