Cost: 10 or more points

Blessed is a mental, supernatural advantage, described in Basic Set, pp. 40-41.

It comes in three core forms:

  • Blessed (10 points): receive (ie visions) wisdom from your deity. Takes an hour and costs 10 FP. Gives +1 Rep to followers of the deity.
  • Very Blessed (20 points): same as Blessed with +5 to vision interpretation and +2 rep.
  • Heroic Feats (10 points): Once per game session, you may add 1d to one of ST, DX, or HT (other traits, such as Basic Move, are at the GM’s discretion).

Note the GM can use Blessing as a way to obtain other advantages; cost is per the mundane version of that advantage.

It is referenced in the following:

  • Dungeon Fantasy 11: Power-Ups™, pp. 28 and 36, as power-ups for holy warriors and unholy warriors
  • GURPS Fantasy, p. 128, where two new forms are given: Armor of Faith and The King's Two Bodies
  • GURPS Mysteries, p. 107, on Blessed possibly granting a resistance to information spells
  • GURPS Powers:
    • P. 16, on suitable power types
    • P. 30, on powers granted by gods
    • P. 43, on Blessed as a non-divine ability
    • P. 186, on roleplaying implications

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