Cost: 10 or more points

Blessed is a mental, supernatural advantage, described in Basic Set, pp. 40-41. It comes in three forms: Blessed, Very Blessed, and Heroic Feats. It is referenced in the following:

  • Dungeon Fantasy 11: Power-Ups™, pp. 28 and 36, as power-ups for holy warriors and unholy warriors
  • GURPS Fantasy, p. 128, where two new forms are given: Armor of Faith and The King's Two Bodies
  • GURPS Mysteries, p. 107, on Blessed possibly granting a resistance to information spells
  • GURPS Powers:
    • P. 16, on suitable power types
    • P. 30, on powers granted by gods
    • P. 43, on Blessed as a non-divine ability
    • P. 186, on roleplaying implications

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