Bonaparte-4, 2024
Current Affairs
The decadent Bonapartists rule a cyberpunk empire threatened by a militaristic United States and Japan, and by the slow disintegration of their own society.
Divergence Point
1798; Napoleon invades Ireland instead of Egypt, leading to British defeat in the Napoleonic Wars.

Major Civilizations

Western (empire with rivals), Japanese (empire), Islamic (empire with satellite states), Orthodox (empire).
Great Powers

French Empire (dictatorship, CR5), United States (representative democracy, CR4), Japanese Empire (military oligarchy, CR6), Ottoman Empire (dictatorship, CR5), Russian Republic (anarchic oligarchy, CR1), Brazilian Empire (oligarchy, CR4).

Worldline Data
Tech Level 8 (9 in some areas)
Mana Level No Mana
Quantum 7
Infinity Class P5
Centrum Zone Red

W11, IW113-114