Boxing is a skill, described in Basic Set, p. 182. It is referenced in GURPS Martial Arts p. 55, on its relation to other unarmed striking skills, p. 152-153, on the Boxing martial arts style, p. 162, on hard styles, and p. 193, on the Savate style.

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2008 discusses how boxing matches often have many punches which add up but how 1 damage punches are too significant while 0 damages punches are insignificant. Carnifex references a 3e Martial Arts rule relating to boxing punches doing FP damage. This is likely a mis-remembering of page 56's Protected Full Contact:

Alternatively, the

Stun Damage rules can be used for the ring; the punches do full Stun Damage (ignore the protective garments) as well as normal damage (reduced by the gloves or body armor). If a character loses all his Stun points, he is knocked out.

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