Defaults: None

Breath Control (HT/Hard) is the skill to breathe at maximum efficiency.



Originally Posted by Kromm
Breath Control is pretty much custom-made to help people with cinematic martial-arts skills get back their FP. If you think those skills are "supernatural" – and I do – then the skill should also work for FP blown on magic, the Healing advantage, etc.

Yes, Breath Control indeed recovers almost any lost FP (lost as a cost for powering some ability, that is).


Originally Posted by Kromm
With Breath Control, you must sit still and do nothing but breathe, rolling vs. skill over and over. You will fail some of the time, and critically fail – and thus be at the GM's mercy, and perhaps pass out or inhale a fly that chokes you – on occasion.

Notice that this makes BC markedly less useful than Recover Energy for mages.

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