Britannica-6, 1887
Current Affairs
The princes and aristocrats of a Regency-flavored British Empire amuse themselves with runaway technology, while politicians engage in high-minded gestures and rival nations seek to match the inspired pointlessness of the great British projects – or contemplate alternative routes to power.
Divergence Point
1817; Charlotte survives childbirth and goes on to found a profuse and hyperactive Hanover-Saxe-Coburg dynasty.

Major Civilizations

Western (empire with rivals), Orthodox (empire with satellite states), Islamic (empire with rivals), Chinese (empire).
Great Powers

British Empire (oligarchy with democratic elements, CR2 for upper classes, CR3 for everyone else), French Empire (oligarchy, CR3), Prussia (dictatorship, CR5), Russia (dictatorship, CR5), China (dictatorship, CR5), New England Confederacy (representative democracy with corporate state tendencies, CR2), United States (representative democracy with oligarchic tendencies, CR2 for whites, CR5 for non-whites).

Worldline Data
Tech Level 5+2 (for war machines and aristocrats’ toys; large areas are still at 5, even in advanced nations)
Mana Level none (may be small areas of low)
Quantum 6
Infinity Class R6
Centrum Zone Orange

Stylistic VariationsEdit

  • Realistic: All the advanced tech runs very shallow making this, at heart, a TL5 setting with some flashy (and some TL6) stuff for people who can afford it. There is also some realistic TL(5+2) medicine for the really well off.
  • Vernean: the physics are different enough that vehicles (such as airships) can be built larger then any seen in Homeline and the motors are on par with efficiency seen in late TL7
  • Cinematic: a sightly toned down version of the Girl Genius reality. Wild-eyed aristocrats with no sense of responsibility are willing to finance any idea that strikes their fancy and there are plenty of would be inventors willing to attempt the task.


Britannica-6 doesn't have Victorian priggishness and Britain is quite willing to treat non-Europeans as almost their equals. However the high-minded morality that was a byproduct of the Victorian priggishness is also absent resulting in a "devil take the hindmost" mentality. It is unclear how many rulers think exploiting natives and the lower classes is actually wrong and they are more concerned about it being inefficient and attracting/creating scary radicals.

It is only a matter of time before the Concert of Europe fails in keeping the unstable, competitive international politics from blowing up resulting in a 1914-style war... with far more advanced equipment.


"No individuals from Homeline history who were conceived after mid-1817 appear to have direct counterparts in Britannica-6 history"


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