Caliph world map

Caliph, 1684
Current Affairs
In an ultra-tech worldline, radical secularists allied with the expansionistic empire of Hind have launched a global war against the Muslim caliphates.
Divergence Point
796 CE; invention of the printing press in Baghdad awakens an Islamic scientific and industrial revolution.

Major Civilizations

Islamic (multipolar), Islamic-Indic (empire).
Great Powers

Umma (anarchic theocracy, CR1), Jamahiriya (technocracy, CR5), Hind (dictatorship, CR5), Zaghawi Associates (orbital corporate state, CR1), Persia (dictatorship, CR3), Andalus (dictatorship, CR3), Bulgaria (dictatorship, CR3), Sofala (dictatorship, CR3).

Worldline Data
Tech Level 11 (biotech, TL8)
Mana Level No Mana
Quantum 6
Infinity Class Z2
Centrum Zone Red

The printing press was invented in Baghdad in 796, prompting an Islamic Industrial Revolution. The world is dominated by a Muslim caliphate, though it's recently been attacked by radical secularists in the Americas. The secularists shocked the caliphate by conquering almost a third of the planet, and caused offworld colonies under corporate rule to declare independence. These colonies are apparently building a 'stargate' in trans-Neptunian orbit and claim to have made contact with an alien species.


Caliph had slight changes between GURPS 3e and 4e.

In 3e Caliph had colony worlds that were (implied) to be in other solar systems which were named Falaq (18 million), Pishon (31 million), Ahqaf (5 million) and Thule (3 million)[1] FTL travel was through the Tokati-Bandih Induced Wormhole Function (Stargate) near the orbit of Neptune for which they have sent stargate contruction probes as far away as 80 lightyears.

Nearly all this was dropped in 4e as the Stargate near Neptune was said to be under construction.


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