Camelot-3, 551
Current Affairs
Arthur has begun the Grail Quest
Divergence Point
535 when a reality quake altered the reality

Major Civilizations

Western (empire with rivals)
Great Powers

Arthurian Britian (Monarchy, CR3), Roman Empire (dictatorship, CR4 for Roman citizens, CR5-6 for subjects)

Worldline Data
Tech Level 2-4 with magic
Mana Level Normal
Quantum 5
Infinity Class Not given
Centrum Zone Not accessable

The reality quake of 535 has resulted in an version of King Arthur with a mythical bent that is very popular with tourists. It also caused Arthur’s knights to be clad in TL4 Renaissance plate mail, live in TL3 13th-century castles, and fight a cruel TL2 Roman Empire ruled by giants.

Despite Arthur beginning the Grail Quest Homeline scholars are completely at a loss about how the rest of his reign might go.

CA62-71, IW136