Centrum Beta, 1895[1]
Current Affairs
Access to a possible echo of Centrum gives the Patrol a unique opportunity for research and sabotage.
Divergence Point
1120; William the Ætheling’s ship doesn’t sink, and he becomes King William III in 1135, eventually leading to English absorption of France under Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Major Civilizations

Western (universal empire).
Great Powers

Anglo-French Empire (semi-feudal dictatorship, CR3-5 depending on fief).

Worldline Data
Tech Level 7
Mana Level No Mana
Quantum 7
Infinity Class Z4
Centrum Zone Red

It is an echo of Centrum which has an odd geometry to its paratemporal instability index. Interworld treads very softly in this reality as it worries that any quantum movement of this reality could produce a flood of new Centrum echoes and/or eject their own world from 8-space altogether.

Centrum Beta-2Edit

This is the Centrum Beta briefly described in GURPS Time Travel. However even though it was at 1910 no mention of a world war, which for Centrum was from 1902 to 1912[2], is made. This, along with it being "ahead" 15 years, marks it and the Homeline that knew of it as different realities from the 4e versions.


  1. The GURPS Time Travel version was at 1910
  2. GURPS Alternate Earths 2 111