Cost: 5 points/level

Charisma is a mental, mundane advantage, described in Basic Set, p. 41, and referenced in GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 2: Dungeons, p. 5, on finding a sponsor, p. 10, on negotiating with monsters, and p. 15, on selling loot; and GURPS Space, p. 219, on applying Charisma to alien species.

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Sean Punch has commented on Charisma in the following post to the SJG GURPS Forums:

  • in 2007
    • This falls under the "Charisma clause" for Telepathy on p. 134 of Powers: "Telepaths often have Charisma as a side effect of their power, but it isn't considered one of the power's abilities." That is, you can use "I have this power" to justify "I have this unusual-but-related advantage," but you can't argue that an advantage without the power modifier should benefit from a power's Talent and use whatever power-stunt rules the GM allows. If you want those benefits, then you have to accept that your advantages are shut down with the rest of the power, and give them the power modifier.
      • page 61 of GURPS Psionic Powers has the "Aspect" power based on Charisma, part of the Telepathy "Control" series.
  • On its cheap price in 2008 ("I'd probably price Charisma at 10-15 points/level, were I starting from scratch.")

27 September 2005 Nikolai wrote:

Kromm said that Charisma doesn't apply when interacting with animals. Only Animal Friend does.

Need to ID earlier post affirming this.

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  • 5: Joan of Arc
  • 4: Alexander the Great

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