Cost: 50 points/level

Compartmentalized Mind is a mental, exotic advantage where each mind – or "compartment” – functions independently and at full capability (Basic Set 43)

For vehicles built as characters, the two variations Controls and Dedicated Controls are available.

Note: This is not the same as Split Personality.


Compartmentalized Mind is referenced in GURPS Powers:

  • p. 44, on its interaction with the Projection enhancement/limitation
  • p. 67, on its interaction with the Possession advantage
  • p. 81, on using the Telecommunication advantage with it.

Kromm quoteEdit

Sean Punch has commented on Compartmentalized Mind in the following post to the SJG GURPS Forums:

  • On Concentrate being the only extra combat maneuver it allows, and on reducing casting times of spells [1]

PK quoteEdit

Extra Attack does nothing unless you're taking an Attack, All-Out Attack, or Move and Attack maneuver. If your "main action" that turn is to Concentrate on a mental ability, your Extra Attack does absolutely nothing.

Compartmentalized Mind works regardless of what maneuver you take. So, no matter what you do on your turn, you get an extra mental action. You'll notice that it costs twice as much. [2]

Special modifiersEdit

Psionic Powers page 13 introduced some:

  • Limited: 3 versions
    • Limited, One Ability (only if more than 1 ability in a power)
    • Limited, One Power
    • Limited, Psi

Pg 14 continued:

  • Mentalism
  • No Mental Separation

Psi Only -10% No separation -20%

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