David L. Pulver (born 1965-11-02 in Kingston, Ontario) is a Canadian freelance writer and game designer, with a History degree from Queen's University. He is the author of more than fifty role-playing game rulebooks and supplements, including the award winning Transhuman Space.

Steve Jackson and David Pulver coauthored a novella entitled Thera Awakening that was distributed with the Interplay computer game Stonekeep. This novella describes the back story and history of the Stonekeep world and characters and was completed before the game itself was finished.

David was the Guest of Honor at the 1992 U-Con gaming convention (held annually at the University of Michigan).

David is the designer of GURPS Vehicles, a set of rules to design vehicles from a stone-age canoe to faster-than-light starships. GURPS Traveller (especially GURPS Traveller: Starships and GURPS Traveller: Ground Forces) and GURPS World War 2 (including GURPS WW2: Motorpool) use somewhat simplified specialized versions of it. The design rules in GURPS Robots and GURPS Mecha are fully compatible with it. GURPS Reign of Steel uses the rules from GURPS Robots. He is also the author of the modern fantasy setting GURPS Technomancer

Along with Sean Punch David worked on the redesign of GURPS 4th Edition.

In 2007, he completed the first vehicle design rules for the 4th edition of GURPS, titled GURPS Spaceships.

He also wrote the Penanggalan article

and for Dungeon Fantasy he created the Monster Slaver in Pyramid 3-47 and Virtuous Maid