A Disadvantage is a trait which limits you in some way. Many mental disadvantages have self-control rolls associated with them. Disadvantages give Character Points, and a disadvantage worth only 1 point is called a Quirk.

There are Mental, Social, and Physical disadvantages.

  • Mental Disadvantages limit what actions you can take in some way, sometimes by forcing you to take actions (Pyromania and Addiction are examples of disadvantages that might do that), othertimes by preventing you from taking actions (Low-Self Image and Absent Mindedness might do that).
  • Social Disadvantages limit you socially in some way, such as by giving you a Duty that you must obey, or by taking your freedoms and making you the property of another.
  • Physical Disadvantages limit you physically in some way, such as by making you Lame or Terminally Ill.

Disadvantages can be 'mundane', 'exotic', or 'supernatural'.

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