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Incomplete This is a fragment, it is in the initial stages of being written

These Dragons are based on Anne McCaffrey's works in her Dragonriders of Pern Series. Pernese Dragons were bio-engineered Kitti Ping Yung from a native species of Pern called firelizards to combat 'thread'. Though unlike the common mythical dragons of Earth for which they are named they did not have scales, but a leathery hide. It is from the color of this hide that the subspecies are known.

Game Info Edit

GURPS Fourth Edition (4e)

Attribute Modifiers Edit

ST+110 (Size ,-60%) [440]; DX+1 [20]; IQ-1 [-20]; HT+3 [30].
ST+70 (Size, -50/60%) [350/280]; DX+2 [40]; IQ-2 [-40]; HT+2 [20].
ST+50 (Size, -50%) [250]; DX+2 [40]; IQ-3 [-60]; HT+2 [20].

Secondary Characteristics Modifiers Edit

Per+4 [20]

SM+6; Move(Air) 12 [0]; Enhanced Move 1.5 (Air) [30].
SM+5/6; Move(Air) 12 [0]; Enhanced Move 1.5 (Air) [30].
SM+5; Move(Air) 16 [8]; Enhanced Move 1 (Air) [20].

Advantages Edit

Claws (Sharp) [5]; Teeth (Sharp) [1]; Flight (Wings) [30]; Warp (Reliable 10, +50%, Missing%; Based on Per, +20%; Psi, -10%; Uncontrollable, -10%; Travel time 1 second in *Between* per 2,000 miles, -10%; Keeps orientation and momentum (bases on 3e), -50%; Loose Body parts that intersect with solids (based on 3e), -50%) [40]; Telesend (Psi, -10%) [27]; Mind Reading (Telecommunication, -20%; Psi, -10%) [21]; Telescan aka Detect (Personally Known Beings (base 20); Long range, +100%); Psi, -10%) [38]; Nictating Membrane [1]; Mindlink (Single Person; Psi, -10%) [5]; Jumper (Time) (Travel time 3 Turns(years) per second, nothing to Breath between, -10%; Psi, -10%) [80]; Breathe Fire (Innate Attack (Burn) [2d], Jet, +0%; Trigger (Firestone), -20%; Nuisance effect (Firestone/breath Reeks), -5%) [8]; Breath-Holding 4 [8]

Disadvantages Edit

Bestial [-10]; Cold Blooded [-10]; Compulsive Behavior (Obey Senior Queens) (12) [-10]; Easy to Read [-10]; Obsession (Fight Thread) (12) [-10]; Semi-Upright [-5]; Sense of Duty (Rider) [-10]; Social Stigma (Valuable property) [-10].

Features Edit

Early Maturation (1 Turn) [0], Tail.

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