Duzakh, 304 BCE
Current Affairs
The Persian Empire, having failed to liberate Greece from its Etruscan vampire overlords, faces an onslaught of the evil undead.
Divergence Point
Either about 850 B.C., when the Etruscan priesthood became vampirized, or 509 B.C., when the vampire king Tarquinius Superbus put down the Roman revolt in a welter of blood, leaving Rome subject to an expanding, vampire-dominated Etruscan league.

Major Civilizations

Iranic (empire with satellite states), Etruscan (diffuse empire), Indic (empire with rivals), Chinese (multipolar), Punic (empire with satellite states).
Great Powers

Persian Empire (feudal dictatorship, CR3), Rasenna (castebased oligarchy, CR1 for vampires, CR3 for warriors, CR6 for helots), Maurya Empire (caste-based dictatorship, CR3), Carthage (oligarchy, CR2).

Worldline Data
Tech Level 2 (with TL3 windmills, steel)
Mana Level Normal
Quantum 5
Infinity Class Z4
Centrum Zone Inaccessible

Infinite Worlds: Worlds of Horror, page 3.