B112 requires with Area Effect.

It says "incompatible with Melee Attack and ranged attack modifiers"

GURPS Powers

  • 102 suggests GMs might allow Explosion to substitute for AE requirement.
  • 165 defines what is included
  1. Ordinarily ranged attacks modified with Emanation,
  2. advantages such as Obscure and Mana Damper (Switchable),
  3. and similar zero-range area-effect abilities.

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 11

PK quotesEdit

Emanation never requires an attack roll. You only bother rolling if your attack is dependent upon your margin of success (e.g., it's a Malediction) -- and even then, if you fail the roll, you're still considered to have succeeded with a margin of 0. (This last rule is a general-case one for any situation where you're guaranteed success but must still roll to determine your margin of success.)

Emanation obviates the need for an attack roll. It's one of its built-in benefits, implied heavily in the Basic Set but then made more explicit elsewhere. Aura is similar in this way, just longer-lasting.
Otherwise, whether attacking the ground you're standing on with an area effect requires an attack roll is up to the GM. There are about a million different variations on how this could go down, so use common sense. If the attack could feasibly miss, then ask for an attack roll -- though speaking as GM I'd give both the usual +4 for attacking an area and a +2 circumstance bonus for "shooting straight down" (a.k.a. the Inverted Takedown bonus for those of you who play Arkham: Batman games).

Kromm quoteEdit

No roll to hit is required – that's the official answer, and PK has already given it.
As to why Emanation is still a limitation, that has to do with the lack of range and the requirement to buy Area Effect. The true cost of Emanation is in fact +30% because it always comes with Area Effect, 2 yards, +50% at a minimum . . . and if you want to not fry friends, you'll need Selective Area, +20% as well, for a net +50%. For the same +50%, you could affect any two-yard-radius area you like at Range 10/100. Yes, there would be risk of scatter, but you wouldn't have to stand next to people who could just punch you in the face.



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