Enigma-2 (Q4, 2024)Edit

This world was classified Z1 by Infinity soon after its discovery less than a year ago, but the restriction is not proving as effective as was hoped. An average of one-fourth of misjumps in Quantum Four have been to this world since its discovery. It seems to have had the same history as the Enigma timeline in Quantum Seven up until its own July 12, 1982.

There don't seem to be any records at all from that date until November 2, 1982 at 07:11:07 GMT. People all around the world began waking up after that time, almost always at home or in some familiar place, with no memories since July 11 or July 12. The world they awoke to seemed unchanged in most respects, neither much better or worse from what might have been suspected before the blackout began. The notable exception: There were no boys or men. Except for cadavers dating to before the blackout, there weren't even any dead boys or men. The Y-chromosome had vanished from the living human race, even from sperm banks.

Humanity was not doomed to extinction, though. Besides the aforementioned sperm banks, a new source of conception became available. Since about three months after the end of the blackout, one in four pregnancies has produced a functional hermaphrodite with a different chromozome in place of the Y. All that those few Homeline scientists priviliged to research the new "Z" chromosome can agree on so far is that "It's different" and "It seems to work."

The zees have a certain resemblance to a certain meme long popular in the Anime and Manga of Homeline and other Japans, so one of the alternative names for this chronic new headache for Infinity is "Futaworld."

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