B356 introduces in 4e was a 1991 expansion from Jumping and Lifting to also include Running and Throwing, as well as Generic Extra Effort and Extra Effort in Active Defense


P160 expands


GURPS Power-Ups 3 (Talents) mentions:

  • pg 13 under Natural Athlete
  • pg 14 under Pickaxe Penchant
  • pg 18 Alternative Benefits overview




Originally Posted by Molokh
Buy Will limited to extra effort only. Accessibility rules would probably dictate about -35%, but given that Will is useful for lots of stuff, I'm wondering if it might be as low as -80% (remember, will costs 5/level while many Will-based skills are 4/level).

I'd call it 1/level for simplicity. Extra Effort is a very small subset of Will.

  • Spend HP instead of FP to fuel Extra Effort when it is preferable.

Perk. I've used this in my custom V:TM conversion.

  • Ignore the penalty to the Will roll for having less than full FP (as on P160).

Perk, again.

  • Use Trading Fatigue for Skill for stuff like contests of ST/Judo/etc. (also P161).

Hrm... compared to Mighty Blows, Feverish Defense, etc., this seems pretty underpowered, so I'd say Perk again.

  • Make her ER fuel mundane extra effort, not just boost 'powers'.

+20% to the cost of the ER, much as for the Extended enhancements for various advantages.

  • Spend HP instead of FP: Emergency Reserves
  • Ignore penalty for low FP: Indefatigable
  • Trading FP for skill/ST: Potential Power

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