Ezcalli, 1848
Current Affairs
An industrial Aztec Empire expands across the world.
Divergence Point
508 BCE; Carthaginians discover the New World and launch the Columbian Exchange of diseases and food two millennia early.

Major Civilizations

Meso-American (empire), West African (empire with satellite states), Iroquois (empire), Steppe (empire).
Great Powers

Tenocha Empire (caste-based dictatorship with strong theocratic component, CR4, CR6 for subject tribes), Songhay Empire (dictatorship, CR4), Hotinohsavannih League (representative democracy, CR2), Mongol Khaghanate (feudal dictatorship, CR4-5).

Worldline Data
Tech Level 5 (Tenochca agronomy, TL7; Mongols, TL4)
Mana Level Low
Quantum 6
Infinity Class R5
Centrum Zone Yellow

The Carthaginians discovered the Americas in 508 BC, exchanging European and American diseases and foods. American crops, potatoes in particular, disrupted the Roman economy, which no longer relied on Egypt as a breadbasket. Rome fell early, and African civilisation did considerably better. After the Black Death struck meso-America in 1361, the Tenochca became dominant.

Now, in 1848, an industrial Aztec empire is a major world power and busy colonising Europe.

AE91-106, IW123