Feint is a technique normally done with DX or a combat skill. Per GURPS Martial Arts it can be bought up as a technique. GURPS Power-Ups "Perks" allows you to buy it up past +4.

ST-based feints are Beats, IQ-based feints Ruses.

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  • Defensive feints applying to an entire turn's worth of attacks, rather than 1 attack, per Kromm in 2008: "they apply to every attack that foe tries against you next turn. The rules use the term "attack roll," singular, simply because the combat system doesn't assume multiple attacks in general."
  • most recent, rather than best, feint applies: "Multiple feints never stack. Only the *most recent* (not *best,* but *most recent* . . . you can screw up a good feint with a bad one) feint counts."
  • rapid strike -6 penalty being reduced to -3/-1 having either/both Weapons Master / Flurry of Blows
  • shock and bad footing penalties apply
  • can be done during a Dual Weapon Attack, per PK in 2010 with 2 options "Feint as part of your DWA offers you the chance to trade a small defense penalty for a larger one, no change, or no penalty at all, depending on your relative skill and luck."
    • the 2nd half of the DWA benefits from the feint (sequenced) INSTEAD of the -1 to defend against DWAs, since it is no longer technically a DWA
    • the 2nd half only benefits from the guaranteed -1 (simultaneity) and not from the feint, which only applies to the next maneuver
  • Feints and Deceptive Attacks stack per Kromm in 2006

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