Basic Set: Characters quotes

  • 38 Dismissing your Ally is a free action
  • 70 Lowering or raising your shield is a free action
  • 79 talking is a free action (p. 363)
  • 88 However, you get a DX-4 roll to hit each foe in close

combat with you once per turn, as a free action

  • 108 Once time is reduced to one second, a further level of Reduced Time makes the ability instantaneous – using it is a free action.
  • 209 On a success, the grip change is a free action.
  • 220 you can ready it in only one turn and drop it as a free action
  • 241 You can do this as a free action at any point during your turn
  • 287 drop it as a free action, just like a weapon

Basic Set: Campaigns

  • 363 explains