GURPS Arabian Nights cover

Also called GURPS Classic: Arabian Nights this describes both the real and the fictional world of the Arabian Nights, its tumultuous history, the religions that define its culture, beasts of fact and fantasy, and outlandish magic.


  • Scheherazade's World: the world outlined in Thousand and One Nights, the Arabian Nights' Entertainments as well as the real world history, religion, Islamic Government and Law, Private and Public Lives, Science and Scholarship, and Geography.
  • History of the Islamic Lands: Timeline of 8,000 BCE-1307 CE.
  • Characters: the relevent advantages, disadvantages, skills, and jobs that exist in this setting.
  • Magic: the way it is portrayed, reacted to, and types (prophetic dreams, astrology, scholarship, outsider, lucky student, and eccentric)
  • Animals, Monsters, and Djinn: Beastiary for the setting.
  • Campaigns: How to change the style of play. Also contains the sample adventure of "The Tale of the Poet, the Slave, and What Was Not Theirs"

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