GURPS Autodual cover

GURPS Classic: Autoduel (Second Edition) is based on the classic Car Wars boardgame. There is also GURPS Classic: Autoduel (First Edition).


The setting is effectively an alternate timeline though the divergence is unclear.

2012 sees the appearance of a microorganism appearing in the grain fields in Nebraska and Ukraine that devastated them. Called the blight this quickly spread to the rest of the world.

For some reason both the U.S. and Russia came to the conclusion that the other had bioengineered the Blight as bio-chemical warfare and launched their nuclear warheads.[1] However, both sides have such sophisticated satellite defenses that few missiles reach their targets. This exchange is blamed for climate changes that resulted in the failure of other crops around the world.

If that wasn't enough computer virus called the worm ripped though homes and businesses. Businesses saw their financial records rewritten or wiped clean while automated homes self-destructed, some literally, and killed their owners in bizarre mishaps.

Then on top of that the big one finally hit May, 2015 (8.2 on the Richter scale), followed by El Niño flooding half of the country, which was then followed by a blisteringly cold winter. The resulting food riots cause the national government to break down in terms of enforcing order.

Thirty years later the US is still trying to pick up the pieces.



As alternate timelines go Autoduel is kind of ridiculous. It reads like someone wanted nearly every cliche in the book to make a Mad Max style world without actually destroying the world in the process.


  1. When GURPS Autoduel 2nd edition came out in 1996 this made even less sense then it originally did. There were plenty of other possible candidates and Russia was effected by the Blight as well.