GURPS Bio-Tech cover

GURPS Bio-Tech provides the technology of the posthuman age.


This chapter covers DNA Sequencing, Selective Breeding, Genetic Engineering, Cloning, Biometrics, Artificial Life, Biomaterials, and Variant Biotech.

Human Genetic EngineeringEdit

This chapter covers all the variety possible in Genetic Engineering.

Man's Best FriendsEdit

This chapter covers Biological Control, Plant Technology, Gengineered Plants, Gengineered Fungi, Gengineered Insects, Gengineered Animals, and Biogadgets, Biovehicles, and Biobuildings.


Microorganisms can be shaped for Industrial, commercial, warfare, medical applications

Medical TechnologyEdit

This covers First Aid, Diagnosis, Non-Invasive Procedures, Surgery & Life Support, Medical Transplants. Neurological Procedures, and Preservation.

Drugs and NanoEdit

Covers chemical and nano drugs.

Biomods Elective SurgeryEdit

Covers Elective surgery, Proteus Nanovirus, and Metamorphosis Virus

Characters and SocietyEdit

Covers Medical Facilities, Bioethics, Character Templates (Activist, Bioengineer or Gengineer, Biotech Executive, Ecological Engineer or Ecoteur, Epidemiologist, Forensic Pathologist, Nurse, Organlegger, Physician, Senior Citizen), Jobs, Advantages, DisAdvantages, Skills, and Modifiers.

Biotech SettingsEdit

Details on the settings of Alexander Athanatos and Draconis.

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This replaces GURPS Classic Bio-Tech as it was expanded to cover medicine, drugs, magic, and new technologies. "Some entries were introduced in GURPS Space, GURPS Robots, and the Transhuman Space series."

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