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Cover of GURPS Dragons

GURPS Dragons is a supplement for the 3rd Edition of the GURPS role-playing game, published by Steve Jackson Games in 2004 and written by Phil Masters. But as the second to last book of Third Edition it has appendix that has 4th Edition conventions of the book's statistics.

GURPS Dragons discusses dragons in all forms. How dragons' affect the world by their presence. How to make Dragon Characters, Dragon tactics, and their slayers.

The Name of the BeastEdit

  • Ancient Dragons
  • Western Dragons
  • Eastern Dragons
  • Other Dragons
  • Pre-Columbian America
  • Modern Fantasy
  • Real Dragons
  • Dinosaurs

Playing with FireEdit

  • Campaigns
  • Dragon Tactics
  • Dragon Tactics
  • Draconic Life Cycles
  • Draconic Society
  • Relating to Lesser Beings
  • Genre Crossovers

Hatching a DragonEdit

  • Dragon Templates: Crawling Wyrm, Wyvern, Awakened Dragon, Petty Drake, Sea Serpent, Western Dragon (Common Features), Water Snake (Infant), Kiao, Kiao-Lung/Kioh-Lung, Li Lung, Lung Wang, P’an Lung, Shen Lung, Tien Lung, “Realistic” Dragon.

Tooth and Claw and FierymawEdit

  • Power Incarnate
  • Poison and Breathweapons
  • Other Attacks.
  • Dragon Combat Maneuvers
  • New Character Features
  • New Advantages and Disadantages

Dragons and MagicEdit

  • Wielders of Magic or Creatures of Magic?
  • Dragon Scholars
  • Game Rules
  • The Magical Nature of Hoards
  • Magical Lenses and Variations

Slayers and ServitorsEdit

  • Living with the Big Lizards
  • Amicable Coexistence
  • Dragon Slayers
  • Tactics for Draconicide
  • He Who Fights Monsters

The Dragons ReturnEdit

  • The Coming of the Reptiles
  • The Human Responce
  • The Edwardian Age
  • The Nature of the Beasts
  • Dragon Characters
  • Humans and the Supernatural

The World, with DragonsEdit

Dragons TodayEdit

  • In the Presence of Dragons
  • Dragon Conflicts
  • Noteworthy Dragons
  • Playing the Game
  • Crossovers

Other Times, Other DragonsEdit

Appendix: Forth Edition ConversionsEdit

Infinite WorldsEdit

  • Dragon Black Ops (Dragons 133)
  • Dragon Cliffhangers (Dragons 125)
  • Dragons in Power (Dragons 27)
  • WWII (Dragons 12)
  • Dragons Y2K (Dragons 133)

Some examplesEdit