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This article is about the Fourth Edition of GURPS Fantasy.

GURPS Fantasy is a genre book written by William H. Stoddard covering the Fantasy genre. Its 240 pages includes information on alternate magic systems, fantasy adventure seeds, and advice on creating fantasy adventures.

GURPS Fantasy is logically broke down into sections beginning with the genre, setting, and scope of fantasy you want. It then by chapter does in how the supernatural can work, how magic and technology interact and even how magic can replace technology, explores using history as a template, goes into the use of localities from isolated hamlets all the way to cities and empires, the different forms, types, and systems of magic, and finally storylines.

The final chapter brings it all together but in a different form from the old magical psudo-Middle Ages Europe familiar to many people. Instead we are treated to Roma Arcana, a fantasy setting based in Ancient Rome.

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High Fantasy

Low Fantasy

Dark Fantasy

Light Fantasy

Sword and Sorcery

Magical Arts

Absurdist Fantasy[1]Edit

  •  Bewitched
  • Bell, Book & Candle
  • Topper
  • I dream of Jeannie


While Fantasy includes a small list of spells (smaller then that in Characters), GURPS Magic is GURPS' main spell catalog. Similarly, Fantasy has some information on different magic systems and traditions, but GURPS Thaumatology is the rulebook for that.

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