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The cover to GURPS Infinite Worlds

GURPS Infinite Worlds™ is a supplement for the Fourth Edition of the GURPS role-playing game, published by Steve Jackson Games in 2005 and written by Kenneth Hite, Steve Jackson, and John M. Ford. It expands upon the campaign setting of conflict between the Infinity Patrol, which is the time-travel agency on based from what they refer to as Homeline, and Centrum across a multiplicity of alternate history Earths, or Worldlines . This was presented in the Fourth Edition GURPS Basic Set (and originated in the Third Edition supplements GURPS Time Travel, GURPS Alternate Earths, and GURPS Alternate Earths II). It won the 2005 Origins Award as Best Game Supplement.

In this game, only two Earths have full-fledged, public "parachronics" programs (the technology behind traveling between parallel universes); that of the players, known as Homeline, and one other, known as Centrum. Travel between worlds is generally done through ground-based equipment ("projectors") or vehicles ("conveyors"), but magic, parahuman abilities and even stranger methods can and have been utilized by both. Alternate worlds (also known as realities or worldlines) are grouped into "quanta", which have varying degrees of ease of access to either side. Within the game, the two agencies can either be adversaries, or grudging allies, depending on the scenario.

Several of the parallel Earths in the Alternate Earths volumes reappear - sometimes in slightly altered form - in Infinite Worlds: Reich-5, Caliph, Dixie, Ezcalli, Gernsback, Roma Aeterna, and Shikaku-Mon. Of some note is the fact that Reich-5 has gained a tentative foothold on the Infinite Worlds. An ill-advised raid by Spetsnaz troops from Homeline Russia resulted in the capture of a troop conveyor, a handful of live prisoners, and the corpse of a scout with a genetically-linked psionic world-jumping ability. A quick-thinking local Brigadeführer made a deal with the mystical SS society of the Ahnenerbe to take possession of the booty (and to keep it all secret from the mainstream Nazi hierarchy); their scientists and sorcerers are using occult rituals and horrific medical experiments to slowly spread their power across the worlds while avoiding direct contact with Homeline or Centrum.

The book describes itself as the "core setting" of GURPS, with the worlds described in other GURPS sourcebooks as alternate Earths within the Infinite Worlds scenario.

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