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GURPS Lensman was the GURPS version of Edward Elmer "Doc" Smith's epic Lensman series mainly pulling from Triplanetary (1934/1948) to Children of the Lens (1948/1954).

Lensman TechnologyEdit

GURPS Lensman was written before the alternate TLs of Steampunk were created and as a result uses its own Tech level system (called Tech Stages)

"An extremely rough correlation can be forced between Tech Stages and Level. Tech Stage 0 is equivalent to Tech Level 6, and TS 1 is approximately TL7. Stages 2 and 3 could be compared to TL8, though the GURPS Tech Level does not account for allotropic iron as a power source. Then Stage 4 is slightly analogous to TL 9 and 5 to 10. but then all of Tech Stages 6 though 8 must be lumped into TL 11. Finally stages 9-10 could be called TL12." (pg 65)

However, GURPS Lensman treated TS as if it was TL with regards to penalties. For example, TS 2 and 3 are effectively the same TL (6+2) but are -5 going from TS 2 to 3 and -1 going from TS 3 to 2.

This combined with the heavy amount of superscience in the setting, the use of the pre Steampunk GURPS 3e TL system, and that these TS are very loose makes trying to relate GURPS 4e TL with Lensman TS problematic at best.

For example, in medicine they jumped from unable to cure infantile paralysis (TL6) to full regeneration (TL12) in one step.

It is warned, "GMs who allow equipment into a Lensman campaign solely on the basis of technological rating will encounter difficulties." (GURPS Lensman pg 65)

It certainly doesn't help that information on Biotechnology/Medicine is borderline nonexistent in the GURPS book.

Lensman Tech StagesEdit

TS TL Era Transportation & Communication Weapons and ArmorPowerBiotechnology/
Related works
0 6 The Tellurian World War (1901-1963) Automobile; aircraft; ocean liner; supmarine Smokeless powder; automatic weapons; tanks; combat aircraft.
Steam turbines; internal combustion; alternating current; hydroelectricity. Antibiotics; blood typing and safe transfusions; heredity; biochemistry. Triplanetary
1 (6+1)^ The Recovery Suborbital rocket shuttles Screens

Heptadetonite Lewistons Ferral Paste Space Axe Vee-Two Gas VNZ Gas

2 (6+2)^ Jovian War Interplanitary flight, ultra-wave communicator, spy-beam, display link

Etheric and sub-etheric jammers



Accumulator Triplanetary
3 (6+2)^ Triplanetario-Nevian War Inertialess (Bergelmhom) drive (with Driving Jets); thought-broadcaster

Sensor Suite Tractor Beams/Pressor Beams

Nevian Ferroscopic Ray

Nevian Paralysis Projector

Allotropic Iron converters Triplanetary
4 (6+3)^ Galactic Union and Patrol formed
Rigel IV and Palain Vii join
The Lens Macro Beams First Lensmen
New Lensmen
5 (6+4)^ Anti-piracy actions
Accademy founded


6 (6+4)^ Anti-piracy actions continue
Velantia joins the Galactic Union
Thought-screens; detector-nullifiers Primary Beams Cosmic Ray absorption screens Galactic Patrol
7 (6+4)^ Boskonian War
Medon joins the Union
Philps regeneration
Nullifier-scrambler Negaspheres


Super atomic Motors and Generators Grey Lensman
8 (6+4)^ V-B Day hyoer-spacial tube Sunbeams Second Stage Lensmen
9 (6+4)^ Reconstruction
10 (6+5)^ Electronic computers Masters of the Vortex
11 (6+5)^ Cleanup of the Spawn of Boskone Children of the Lens

Additional materialEdit

GURPS Update - update to 4e.


It appears the license has expired as the book is no longer available through Steve Jackson Games and appears to never have existed in pdf format.