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The cover to GURPS Ultra-Tech for 4th Edition.

GURPS Ultra-Tech is a 4th Edition catalog. Written by David L. Pulver and Kenneth Peters in 2007. It's 240 pages and covers devices in Tech Levels 9 though 12. It also covers Machines as Characters.

Converting GURPS 3e TL to 4e TLEdit

David L. Pulver stated several things about the 3e version of Ultra-Tech ("gadgets were pushed forward a TL or so just to give me something useful to prevent the TL11-16 chapters from being too empty!") and how its TL's convert to 4e.

"Theoretically and very roughly:

upper half 3eTL7 = TL8
3eTL8 = 4eTL9
3eTL9 = 4eTL10 and some TL9-10^
3eTL10 = 4eTL11 and some TL10-11^
3eTL11 = 4eTL11 and some TL10-11^
3eTL12 = 4eTL11 and TL10-11^
3eTL13 = 4eTL11 and TL11^
3eTL14 = 4eTL12 and some TL11-12^
3eTL15 = 4eTL12^
3eTL16 = 4eTL12^

A few individual items drop or gain in TL."

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