GURPS Vikings cover

GURPS Classic: Vikings guide to the Norse world, including maps, historical background, and details on society and religion.

The Viking WorldEdit

  • Norse Society
  • Viking Law
  • Geography
  • Viking Settlements
  • Friends and Foes


  • Templates for Craftsman/Tradesman, Enchanter, Farmer/Hunter/Fisherman, Mystic, Priest (Christian/Pagan), Seaman/Merchant/Explorer, Skald, and Warrior/Berserker

Combat and CommerceEdit


An outline of the Vikings from their appearance in 8th century to the 10th when they started to go into decline. The timeline provided goes from 793 to 1347.

The Vinland colony was abandoned by 1020. The Greenland colonies last longer though increasingly colder weather resulted in the western settlement being gone by 1350 and the eastern settlement was gone by 1500.

Religion and magicEdit

Norse BestiaryEdit

  • Provides information on Alvar, Dwarves, Trolls, Giants, Spirits, Dragons, Shapechangers, Undead, Divine Creatures, and Natural Creatures

Viking CampaignEdit

  • Campaign styles: Thoughtful Historical, Thoughtful Fantastic, Thoughtful Mythic, Action Historical, Action Fantastic, Action Mythic
  • Sample campaign ideas
  • Vinland Settlement (Thoughtful Historical)
  • Home Fires (Thoughtful Historical)
  • Troll Wars (Action Fantastic)
  • The Curse (Thoughtful Fantastic)
  • The Fugitive (Mythic)