Gallatin, 2004
Current Affairs
A balkanized North America shelters under the Texan nuclear umbrella as the Germans, Japanese, and Soviets duel for global control.
Divergence Point
1776; Alexander Hamilton dies at the Battle of Trenton. The considerably more libertarian Albert Gallatin becomes the first Secretary of the Treasury, and the nascent United States disintegrates.

Major Civilizations

Europaverein (military oligarchy, CR4 for Germans, CR5 for other nations), Soviet Union (dictatorship, CR6), Japanese Empire (military oligarchy, CR4-5 for Japanese, CR6 for subject nations), British Commonwealth (representative democracies, CR4), Texas Republic (representative democracy, CR3 for whites, CR5 for non-whites).
Great Powers


Worldline Data
Tech Level 7 (some military hardware, low TL8)
Mana Level Low
Quantum 5
Infinity Class P9
Centrum Zone Inaccessible

In 1776, Alexander Hamilton died at Trenton, and Albert Gallatin became the first Secretary of the Treasury. Without Hamilton New York failed to ratify the Constitution in 1787, and the new United States fractured.

Germany unified Western Europe in WWI (which only lasted two years), but, decades later, imperial Japan and Soviet Russia allied and threw both European great powers, Britain and Germany (which inherited the entirety of the old French Empire) out of Asia, ending when Japan invented the atomic bomb and used it on Calcutta.

Now, in 2004, Japan, Britain, Russia, Germany, and the Republic of Texas also have the bomb, and the world is more or less at peace.