In 1893, inventor Nikola Tesla married Anne Morgan, and got access to rich banker J. P. Morgan's wealth. Tesla thus survived longer and invented broadcast power. The economic chaos afterwards eventually balanced out, and after a more-or-less similar WWI, the new economy let the League of Nations prove effective.

The League later founded the World Science Council after chemist Otto Hahn in Germany split the atom in 1938, to regulate world technological development. In 1951, Stalinist Russia stole the plans for the atomic bomb, prompting the WSC to declare war. Eventually, they won, and the League is now, in 1965, effectively a global government.

However, due to having averted the Great Depression and World War II, racism, sexism and colonialism are still firmly entrenched at pre-1940s levels in most inhabitants' minds.

AE108-125, IW126-12, B527

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