Current Affairs

Small nests of survivors (and a besieged Japan) battle hordes of zombies unleashed by a parachronic mutation of the 1918 influenza virus.

Divergence Point

1918;contactwiththeGothavirusmutatesthe“Spanish flu” into a zombie plague, and global civilization collapses.

Major Civilizations

Japanese (unitary); survivor colonies scattered among

Western, Islamic, Indic, Orthodox, and Chinese civiliza-tions (all diffuse).

Great Powers

Japanese Empire (dictatorship, CR6). The average sur-vivor colony is CR5.

Worldline Data

TL: 6(Japanandpre-plaguebaseline;survivorsareTL2-3, mad-scientist strongholds are TL6^)

Mana Level: low

Quantum: 7

Infinity Class: Z3

Centrum Zone: Red

Worlds of Horror - 6

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