Gothic-2, 1818
Current Affairs
An alchemically enhanced aristocratic elite dominates European politics in this myth parallel, opposed by an increasingly violent underground led by Victor Frankenstein’s first Creature.
Divergence Point
1789; the Earl of Bute recruits Victor Frankenstein to alchemically rejuvenate King George III, and the Bourbons (likewise fortified) crush the French Revolution.

Major Civilizations

Western (multipolar), Orthodox (empire), Chinese (empire), Islamic (empire with satellites).
Great Powers

British Empire (dictatorship, CR4, CR5 in colonies), Kingdom of France (dictatorship, CR5), Russian Empire (dictatorship, CR5), Chinese Empire (dictatorship, CR4), Austrian Empire (dictatorship, CR5), Kingdom of Prussia (dictatorship, CR5), Ottoman Empire (dictatorship, CR4, CR5 for Christians), United States (representative democracy, CR3, CR6 for slaves), Dutch Republic (oligarchy, CR3), Swiss Republic (representative democracy, CR4).

Worldline Data
Tech Level 5 (plus TL5^ alchemical bio-tech)
Mana Level Low
Quantum 5
Infinity Class R6
Centrum Zone Inaccessible

Infinite Worlds of Horror 9