Krypton-1 (I.S.T. Dark), 2003
Current Affairs
A corrupt United Nations charters the International Super Teams to supposedly battle evil and keep the peace - its true goals are far less benevolent
Divergence Point
1924; supers exist.

Major Civilizations

Western (multipolar), Chinese (empire), Japanese (unitary), Orthodox (multipolar).
Great Powers
  • United Nations (global technocracy, CR2)
  • United States (representative democracy, CR3)
  • People’s Republic of China (dictatorship, CR5)
  • Japan (representative democracy, CR4)
  • Russian Republic (oligarchy, CR4).
Worldline Data
Tech Level 8 (plus variable superscience)
Mana Level Low
Quantum 7
Infinity Class Inaccessible; Z1 (see description)
Centrum Zone Red; Inaccessible (see description)

IST Dark (formally known Krypton-1 and unofficially known as IST-2) is mentioned in a sidebar on page 59 of GURPS IST.

In this alternate, the International Super Teams were created as part of a plan by someone to control the world; individual IST members may or may not be aware of this.

Krypton-1 is troubling even though it was not an echo of Homeline it was Centrum's first attempt to move a timeline to a closer Quantum....and it succeeded in Centrum year 2005 (local 1981). Centrum then tried to shift the reality back to Quantum 6 and use it as a base in its battle with Infinity.

This shift may be explained by its "near twin", IST (aka Krypton-2), which is a few “decimal places” out of where quantum parachronic theory says it should be making it a "quantum faultline". This would create great concern as Krypton-1 was originally in Quantum 6 while IST has, as far as anyone can tell, always been in Quantum 3 upsetting all theories regarding echoes being close to their "home" reality.

If one uses the idea suggested in Bob Schroeck's blog regarding IST and ITS Dark being near "twins" in the same quantum then Centrum succeeded in moving the reality but messed up and kicked Krypton-1 all the way down to Quantum 3 (making it an even greater quantum shift then what happened to Engstrom)