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The material here is 'homebrew', it is non-canon.
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Worldline Data
Tech Level 0 (except camps)
Mana Level low
Quantum 3
Infinity Class R3 (Research)
Centrum Zone undiscovered

A puzzle world, apparently an Empty World. People who stay on Incompetence for any duration of time (more then a few hours) find it difficult to complete simple tasks.

Visitors must make Will rolls every hour (with a -1 per hour since arrival). Any failure gives a accruing penalty on all rolls (penalties stack to a maximum of -4). On a critical failure the subject fails at everything (walking, talking, breathing at the appropriate rhythm, etc); this effect lasts several moments and might require a fright check. Ten consecutive failures will result in disadvantages (Absent Minded and Phantom Voices come to mind), which may become permanent if the subject stays on Incompetence.

Infinity Patrol considered creating an outpost on Incompetence before they realized the dangerous effects of long term residence. Anything staying on Incompetence becomes unhealthy; this includes living things and inanimate structures. The unhealthiness of the native plant life is worrisome. The planet's ecosystem might not be stable; given that plants are the source of breathable air. The fact that there are plants at all is surprising, as there don't seem to be any animals (a misconceiving appearance).

The Patrol is unaware of any of the buildings or people who live on Incompetence, but there are two abandoned camps other then the one left by the Patrol. One created by an unknown people, the other was made by psychics from Reich-5. The only living resident of Incompetence (beyond the extremely rare wild animal) is Darius, a survivor from the camps.

Locations Edit

14 etc.
Located in (what would be) Nebraska, 14 is an old abandoned camp. There's a sign in the camp that appears to carry its name: the number 14 followed by unidentified symbols (thus "etc."). The camp appears very old and ruined, though the decay was hastened by Incompetence, it is however true that the camp is over a decade old.
Camp 14 isn't a camp in the sense of tents and firepits; it resembles a small town more then a camp. The buildings are all permanent and have foundations and solid walls, and there are all kinds of structures in the camp. The components of the structures seem to be prefabricated. There is no sign of the power tools, heavy construction equipment, and supplies used to make the structures and put them in place.
Among the camp's detritus can be found what remains of the Incompetence-decayed skeletons of the inhabitants of Camp 14. The bones are seemingly human, but anyone with the physiology skill could determine otherwise, though they are very similar, they belong to a different but closely related species (discovering exactly which would require close examination in a lab, but preparing the bones for movement would take several hours, Incompetence has rendered the bones very brittle). A psionic investigation of the body might reveal that they were Parachronozoids. They are of different ages and genders. Some remains are those of young children, indicating it was a settlement with families rather than a garrison or outpost.
A camp built by travelers from Reich-5, Schwäche (German > "Weakness") is filled with (what look like) torture chambers stained with blood and desecrated corpses. It was an attempt by the Ahnenerbe to reproduce the Incompetence Effect with the end goal of weaponizing it. The camp was destroyed after all the inhabitants were driven completely mad by Incompetence. They killed each other.
There were (at least) three waves of inhabitants of Schwäche. The first wave died after a day. The second lasted just as long. The third was sent only to retrieve the log books and valuable equipment and return. Infinity would be nervous about Reich-5's research. If they discovered a way to reproduce the Incompetence effect it could be disastrous. The discovery of this camp would switch Incompetence's Access Rating to 1, and Infinity would be sure to examine all the remains of the camp for details on the Ahnenerbe's research.

Darius Edit



A survivor from Camp 14, Darius has survived for decades, and it has sapped his mind and body.

ST 7 [-30]; DX 7 [-60]; IQ 6 [-80]; HT 6 [-40].
Secondary Characteristics
Damage 1d-3/1d-2; BL 9.8 lbs.; HP 7 [0]; Will 6 [0]; Per 6 [0]; FP 6 [0]; Basic Speed 3.25 [0]; Basic Move 3 [0].
Partial Amnesia [-10]; Phantom Voices [-15]; Paranoia [-10]; Fragile (Brittle) [-15]; Skinny [-5]; Laziness [-10].
Primary Skills
Spear (A) DX+2 [8] – 9; Survival (Anywhere on land)  [64] – 8; Stealth (A) DX+2 [8] – 9.
Secondary Skills
Brawling (E) DX+3 [8] – 10; Filch (A) DX+0 [2] – 7; Knife (E) DX+3 [8] – 10; .
Background Skills
Tracking (A) IQ+2 [8] – 8; First Aid (E) IQ+2 [4] – 9; Gardening (E) IQ+2 [4] – 6; Fishing (E) Per+2 [4] – 9.
Note: Incompetence's -4 has been built into his attributes, don't add the -4 to his rolls.

The only surviving human being on Incompetence, Darius lives in a shack in Canada with his pet cockroach (the only thing he's been able to reliably keep alive). He's not always aware that it dies every year and is replaced by its children, and that sometimes "it" is an entire hive. Even when he sees more then one of them, he doesn't know what he's seeing.

Darius is a parachronozoid, but he can't use his world-jumping abilities. Aside from (at this point) not remembering that he has them, he's unable to concentrate effectively enough to use them. (He can still take the concentration maneuver; he just accomplishes much less by doing so then other people). His years of survival have made the Incompetence Effect permanent on him (The effect will remain on him even if he leaves Incompetence.) His TL is equivalent to 2 or 3. Though he may be able to be rehabilitated, he'd have to increase his IQ. To do so, he'll have to learn to fight off his Laziness disadvantage, doing so would be difficult while he's as insane as he is. Regardless, he cannot improve at all as long as he stays on Incompetence.

Darius is a survivor from Camp 14 etc. The inhabitants of 14 etc. were not killed directly by the Incompetence Effect. Like the people at Schwäche they were driven mad and killed each other and then themselves. However that didn't start happening until the second day. Darius woke up early on the second day, he didn't sleep well from nightmares. After he got up another one of the campers yelled at him, and being a relatively young child (and under the influence of the Incompetence Effect) Darius was frightened and ran away. This saved his life (though several others who ran away did not survive the harshness of Incompetence).

Darius has had several different dwellings, all of which remain in some state or other, though he only makes a new one when he abandons the last. His first abode was only about ten miles from the camp. It was a sheltered spot he found under a large tree. He managed to find and catch a fish in a local river, and survived the day. The next day he wasn't so lucky. Hunger and a longing for home brought him back to the camp - finding his way back took all day - where he found the cadavers of his fellows. He ran away again, and eventually found his way to the Mississippi river 'far' to the east; where he constructed his first permanent abode. He made a rickety log cabin, which he stayed in for over a year. He built a makeshift boat to travel up and down the river (with some little difficulty owing to his growing frailty).

However, that summer he started thinking about the weather, and wondering about the temperature changes. It did not get nearly as cold during the winter as he had expected, even in the coldest months he could go outside scantily clad and walk about without pain from the cold. He remembered (or thought he did) the people at 14 etc. talking about how the winter might mean death to the campers if they weren't cautious. This combined with his observations on the Summer's warmth led him to conclude that Incompetence's atmosphere was not blocking enough of its sun, thereby creating a Global Warming-type effect. This made him travel North, his logic being that if the north is naturally colder then as the planet's temperature rises the North would be the last place to reach killing temperatures.

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