You are normally right about your guesses. When you are facing multiple alternatives and you don´t have any logical way of choosing between them, you may use your intuition on the following manner. The GM adds your IQ with the number of correct alternatives and then subtracts the number of incorrect alternatives, then he rolls against the result. If the roll suceeds, the GM will guide the character to in a favorable direction. A result of 3 or 4 indicates the the best option. A failure indicates you recieve no information. A botch means the GM will give you incorrect information. The GM may modify this roll in any way to ensure the progression of the story.

You are only allowed one roll per problem. This advantage connot be used to abreviate the game (i. e. A detective walks in a room full of suspect uses his intuition and slap the cuffs in the villain). 

Point costEdit

It costs 15 character points to be intuitive.


If the GM feel this advantage is being abused he should disallow it.

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