Year of divergence: 1843
Current year: 1925

Electricity is limited to relay based devices such as in the telegraph and telephone. Radio is undreamed of.

Iron is the early 20th century with several elements removed: electrical technology (generator to radio) and the internal combustion engine is lest developed. Socially and technologically Iron is closer to the end of the 19th century then it is to our early 20th.


Iron has some logic problems. Samuel Brown's internal combustion engine (1823), Jedlik's dynamo (1827), Faraday's disk (1831), and Pixii's Dynamo (1832), are just a handful of the things that predate the PoD of 1843. And yet they don't exist or weren't improved in Iron even by 1925.

Similarly while Maxwell never went into electricity and magnesium in this reality the idea of "wireless telegraphy" dated back to the 1830s...again before the 1843 divergence.

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