B106 and P103

Melee-Capable can add parrying.


GURPS Magic 73 has Flame Jet Spell say "This attack may be dodged or blocked, but not parried"



in 2009


Can you also use All out Attack Strong and similar options with Jet? Exactly what is allowed?


You can use any option that works with a melee attack. It's a melee weapon, in every sense. It just can't parry (but then, neither can some melee weapons).


Uh, that wording seems to imply that it includes AoA (Strong), which is pretty weird, say, for flamethrowers, which are Jets too. Especially when we're talking about equipment-flamethrowers, not Powers.


If you stand there and carefully hold the flame on target for a full second instead of dodging enemy attacks, you'll almost certainly do more damage with a flamethrower. It really makes no less sense than AOA (Determined) giving +1 to hit and thus letting you put more pellets or bullets on target. has Kromm mention All-Out Attack Jet "AOA (Jet)" for flamethrowers in High Tech and in this 2009 post also states

a 10-yard melee weapon that cannot parry or be parried, and that inflicts only half damage past five yards

It is unclear if this was mentioned anywhere prior.


2010 claims:

  • By default any jet or cone attack can be 'left on' projecting a constant stream, anyone entering that steam will suffer the advantages damage, once per turn.
  • If you want the attack to have the capacity to hit more often then once per turn you may have to play with some enhancements.
  • If a jet cannot be 'always on' give it 'takes recharge: 1 second', or 'preparation required: aim manoeuvrer'. If the ability can be used every turn, but still not 'left on' I would be tempted to call that a quirk at best and would not provide any point reductions in cost.

Unclear what these are based on.

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