Johnson’s Rome, 1206
Current Affairs
Crossworld terrorism endangers a tourist paradise where Rome never fell.
Divergence Point
31 BCE; Mark Antony and Cleopatra win the Battle of Actium; Roman center of gravity removes to the east.

Major Civilizations

Roman (empire with satellite states), Steppe-Chinese (empire with satellite states), Indic (multipolar), Mississippian-Roman (empire with satellite states).
Great Powers

Roman Empire (dictatorship, CR4), Khitai (dictatorship, CR5), Chola Telugu (oligarchy, CR4), Pagan (dictatorship, CR4), Lenapea (clan/tribal, CR2 for Lenapii, CR4 for subject tribes).

Worldline Data
Tech Level 4 (medicine, TL5/8)
Mana Level No mana
Quantum 5
Infinity Class O9
Centrum Zone Inaccessible

A decadent Roman Empire survives never fell and survived in 1206, but an interdimensional tourist named Alex Johnson decided to turn the entire world into a tourism resort for Homeline. He seems to be moderately successful, and his agents are slowly eradicating slavery, bloody gladiatorial games, etc., while retaining other forms of hedonism; he even bribed a Roman admiral into sailing to the Americas because he wanted tobacco. The natives are more or less used to strange-looking visitors.

TT91, IW130-131, B527