Named for the land of frost giants in the frozen north this normal mana reality has a Four Reich trying to come to power.

Operation Downfall went forward and while America was busy with the pacifying if Japan in 1947 ODESSA finished its super-soldier program in its Antarctic Refuge which it has used to turn part of South of America into Four Reich.

By 1949 Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay have joined the new Axis with the Führer of Neuschwabenland is Martin Bormann and the U.S. president is Thomas Dewey.

In Brazil, a three-cornered war rages between Soviet-backed Reds, pro-fascist Integralists, and the U.S.-backed Vargas dictatorship. All sides have supers (or super-scientific heroes) making the war chaotic and devastating.

Hitler is believed to have suicided in Berlin, but his body was never found.


One of the Nine Worlds.